Subject: Elbow Pain & Duct Tape

hey [[NAME]],

Let me ask you a quick question? Do you
ever have elbow pain from {{niche: tennis, golf,

gardening, working in the yard, working out, etc.}}}?

If you do, then maybe you've tried using
a support brace to help the pain?

And if you did, I wouldn't blame you at

but let me throw a warning at you before
you get too comfy with your brace:

I know how well it can work, and it REALLY
can save the day. But, look, let's be real here,
do you want to wear that thing for the rest of
your life?

If this is your first go round with elbow pain,
then you may or may not know this, but the
elbow brace is designed to be a quick pain

Kinda like duct tape when your glasses break.

You slap some tape on 'em, and wait for your
new ones to come in the mail, right?

Well, that's kinda what an elbow brace is for.

"Slap something on it until..."


the pain goes away and never comes back?

If you've had elbow pain (golfers or tennis elbow)
before, or have had it for quite a while now...

then you know that "duct tape" ain't gonna fix it, and
even though it helps the pain right now, it'll be
back... because

...there ain't a replacement elbow coming in the mail.

so you've gotta nip it in the bud, so it doesn't come
back.. well, unless you just like pain...

if you don't like pain, you might want to check this

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I'll be back with more tips soon,
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talk soon,

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