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Tennis Elbow Video 2

"Effective Exercises for Elbow Pain"



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Here's what a just few people (like you)

have had to say about Tennis Elbow Solution....


Greetings Todd,

I was searching the internet for help with Lateral Epicondylitis and came across your You Tube Tips 1 and 2. I did them and immediately got relief. I am psyched and will keep you posted on my progress.

I feel about 75% better already with just one session of 1&2 series. I will pass your name on to my clients etc.

Thank you for the advice, help and techniques you have shared I appreciate it.

Most Sincerely,

Jonathan Bischof


hi Todd,


i really appreciate the way u took my request in concern and had send me the video for tennis elbow stretch. i'm realy thankful to u.

lookin forward for more tips n exercises. the videos is realy useful n easy in application.
thank u

Ira Khosla


Thanks Todd, I have been doing your exercises for the last few days and can feel a huge difference in my elbow... Thank you so much!!

Thanks again,



Hi Todd,


Thank you for putting together this program! I started doing the exercises & stuff, and already and after 2 days the pain is almost gone, I hope it will just keep getting better. Todd Im power lifter, and I never had problem with my elbows until my last workout. I was doing dead lift and two days later I started having pain outside in my left elbow especially when I'm training. Im doing exercise what you show on your program and it's helping TONS. I should be back to full on training in just a few days. Thanks so much, your program is excellent!


Have a good day!




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I Spent 1 1/2 hours throwing the ball to my dog at the beach last week. Woke up a few times during the night because of the ache in my elbow. Tried your program in the afternoon and after 2 reps the pain was gone. This was GREAT!! Dude you are awesome!!!



(unsolicited video comment - have no clue who or what this person's name is - if you're reading this and this is your comment, please email me so I can include your name :-)


Hey Todd,


Thanks Man!! This is the most comprehensive tennis elbow program out there, bar-none. And it's funny, I've seen and even used some of these exercises in another "tennis elbow program", but it never really worked until I followed everything like you have it laid out here. I literally had immediate relief within 24 hours, and within 30 days, the pain in my elbow was completely gone...Unbelievable!


It feels good to wake up without my elbow being a constant nag all day!"


Many Thanks!!

Matt Motchkavitz, III - Denver, Co.


Hey Todd,
Thanks for your greetings and wish you the same.
Very happy to inform you that the elbow pain ( tennis Elbow) has disappeared totally.  I am very sure this is becuase my persistent exercises as advised by you on your site. I sincerly use to follow your instruction even during my office hours and use to exercise in office cabin. It is akword for me to say but really millions thanks to you for kind advice and pictorial demosstations.
Many medical practitioners had advised me to go for injections in the bones and other treatements, but I relied on your adivise and sticked exercises and it has paid me.
I am suggesting many of my friend about these exercise and to visit your site.
Thanks once again.
With warm regards,
Sunny Major
Mumbai, India



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